“A woman fantasizes about the initiation, a man is about the three of us”: is it so?

How much this is a common idea of male and female fantasies corresponds to reality? Everything is exactly the opposite – sexologists believe and debunk the next stereotype of sexuality.

“Rape is for the most part male fantasy”

Alain Eril, psychoanalyst, sexologist:

Everything is exactly the opposite! After all, this mainly men believe that a woman dreams of being raped, because it takes off their guilt for their own similar fantasies.

It is enough to see how in the case of real rape a woman submits an application to the law enforcement agencies. There they begin to ask her questions: “How you were dressed? You are sure that you have not provoked an attack?”

As can be seen from these issues, unconsciously a man often thinks that a woman dreams of being raped. Rape is for the most part

Sexicoi radí začať študovať so základnými začiatočníkmi. Potom, keď ste pohodlní a budete navzájom viagra pre ženy cena môžete sa presunúť k vážnejším variáciám. Ak sa to stalo nudným, môžete jednoducho zavolať na číslo – a stelesniť popis! Tu je päť póz bez komplikácií, ale zaujímavé z tejto starodávnej indickej práce.

male fantasy, and I regularly find this confirmation in my practice.

But women have one of the most common fantasies – threesome in which she and two men participate

Such an imaginary excessiveness is explained by the fact that a significant number of women, no matter how great their pleasure, feel that their potential has not yet been exhausted. Imagining themselves with two men, they try to achieve an even more intense orgasm in fantasies.

“The desire to realize these fantasies in life most often leads to nightmarish consequences.”

Mireille Bonierbal, psychiatrist, sexologist:

In relation to women, this is wrong. In a large sociological study conducted by the French psychiatrist and sexologist Robert Porto, fantasies on the topic of rape in women were in tenth place.

The most common were fantasies in which a woman again experienced some particularly exciting sexual scenes with her former partner.

However, in modern society, which more and more fiction and reality are more and more, I would like to first recall that such fantasies are valuable only as a way of developing erotic imagination. The desire to bring them to life most often leads to nightmarish consequences.

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